Updating a recordΒΆ

The Client.resource.update() requires a payload and a query or sys_id to perform an update.

This method returns pysnow.Response.one() (dict) if the update was successful.
Refer to Client.resource.custom() if you want a Response object back.

Updating multiple records is not supported.

import pysnow

# Create client object
c = pysnow.Client(instance='myinstance', user='myusername', password='mypassword')

# Define a resource, here we'll use the incident table API
incident = c.resource(api_path='/table/incident')

update = {'short_description': 'New short description', 'state': 5}

# Update 'short_description' and 'state' for 'INC012345'
updated_record = incident.update(query={'number': 'INC012345'}, payload=update)

# Print out the updated record