Source code for pysnow.params_builder

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import six

from .query_builder import QueryBuilder

from .exceptions import InvalidUsage

[docs]class ParamsBuilder(object): """Provides an interface for setting / getting common ServiceNow sysparms.""" def __init__(self): self._custom_params = {} self._sysparms = { 'sysparm_query': '', 'sysparm_limit': 10000, 'sysparm_offset': None, 'sysparm_display_value': False, 'sysparm_suppress_pagination_header': False, 'sysparm_exclude_reference_link': False, 'sysparm_view': '', 'sysparm_fields': [] }
[docs] @staticmethod def stringify_query(query): """Stringifies the query (dict or QueryBuilder) into a ServiceNow-compatible format :return: - ServiceNow-compatible string-type query """ if isinstance(query, QueryBuilder): # Get string-representation of the passed :class:`pysnow.QueryBuilder` object return str(query) elif isinstance(query, dict): # Dict-type query return '^'.join(['%s=%s' % (k, v) for k, v in six.iteritems(query)]) elif isinstance(query, six.string_types): # Regular string-type query return query else: raise InvalidUsage('Query must be of type string, dict or a QueryBuilder object')
[docs] def add_custom(self, params): """Adds new custom parameter after making sure it's of type dict. :param params: Dictionary containing one or more parameters """ if isinstance(params, dict) is False: raise InvalidUsage("custom parameters must be of type `dict`") self._custom_params.update(params)
@property def custom_params(self): """Returns a dictionary of added custom parameters""" return self._custom_params @property def display_value(self): """Maps to `sysparm_display_value`""" return self._sysparms['sysparm_display_value'] @display_value.setter def display_value(self, value): """Sets `sysparm_display_value` :param value: Bool or 'all' """ if not (isinstance(value, bool) or value == 'all'): raise InvalidUsage("Display value can be of type bool or value 'all'") self._sysparms['sysparm_display_value'] = value @property def query(self): """Maps to `sysparm_query`""" return self._sysparms['sysparm_query'] @query.setter def query(self, query): """Validates, stringifies and sets `sysparm_query` :param query: String, dict or QueryBuilder """ self._sysparms['sysparm_query'] = self.stringify_query(query) @property def limit(self): """Maps to `sysparm_limit`""" return self._sysparms['sysparm_limit'] @limit.setter def limit(self, limit): """Sets `sysparm_limit` :param limit: Size limit (int) """ if not isinstance(limit, int) or isinstance(limit, bool): raise InvalidUsage("limit size must be of type integer") self._sysparms['sysparm_limit'] = limit @property def offset(self): """Maps to `sysparm_offset`""" return self._sysparms['sysparm_offset'] @offset.setter def offset(self, offset): """Sets `sysparm_offset`, usually used to accomplish pagination :param offset: Number of records to skip before fetching records :raise: :InvalidUsage: if offset is of an unexpected type """ if not isinstance(offset, int) or isinstance(offset, bool): raise InvalidUsage('Offset must be an integer') self._sysparms['sysparm_offset'] = offset @property def fields(self): """Maps to `sysparm_fields`""" return self._sysparms['sysparm_fields'] @fields.setter def fields(self, fields): """Sets `sysparm_fields` after joining the given list of `fields` :param fields: List of fields to include in the response :raise: :InvalidUsage: if fields is of an unexpected type """ if not isinstance(fields, list): raise InvalidUsage('fields must be of type `list`') self._sysparms['sysparm_fields'] = ",".join(fields) @property def exclude_reference_link(self): """Maps to `sysparm_exclude_reference_link`""" return self._sysparms['sysparm_exclude_reference_link'] @exclude_reference_link.setter def exclude_reference_link(self, exclude): """Sets `sysparm_exclude_reference_link` to a bool value :param exclude: bool """ if not isinstance(exclude, bool): raise InvalidUsage('exclude_reference_link must be of type bool') self._sysparms['sysparm_exclude_reference_link'] = exclude @property def suppress_pagination_header(self): """Maps to `sysparm_suppress_pagination_header`""" return self._sysparms['sysparm_suppress_pagination_header'] @suppress_pagination_header.setter def suppress_pagination_header(self, suppress): """Enables or disables pagination header by setting `sysparm_suppress_pagination_header` :param suppress: bool """ if not isinstance(suppress, bool): raise InvalidUsage('suppress_pagination_header must be of type bool') self._sysparms['sysparm_suppress_pagination_header'] = suppress
[docs] def as_dict(self): """Constructs query params compatible with :class:`requests.Request` :return: - Dictionary containing query parameters """ sysparms = self._sysparms sysparms.update(self._custom_params) return sysparms